Payments Compliance Outlook 2024: The Compliance Dilemma - Growth at What Cost?

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Delivering a successful payments service is all about balance. As one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, payment firms must constantly strike a balance between their growth ambitions and regulatory requirements, including mitigating risks and safeguarding customers.

But the pendulum is starting to swing too far in the direction of growth. Without the corresponding culture of compliance, firms risk significant long-term consequences.

As the compliance landscape becomes an increasingly challenging environment, Vixio’s annual Payments Compliance Outlook uncovers some of the most pressing trends and challenges firms face in 2024, which stand in the way of finding the sweet spot between growth and compliance.

This short sample report gives your organisation an informed view of the year ahead, so you can better understand how to efficiently scale your compliance needs, reduce the regulatory burden, and empower your compliance team to become enablers - rather than blockers - to business growth.

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