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You can rely on us to keep you updated on the fast changing and highly competitive payments industry. Through our platform you will have access to all the data and workflow tools you need to maintain compliance while capitalising on new opportunities and protecting your end user customers.

Highly customisable, you can tailor alerts to your areas of interest, bringing speed, accuracy and efficiency to your workflows to turn compliance into a growth enabler. 

Horizon Scanning

Horizon Scanning provides real-time updates on regulatory change for more than 180+  jurisdictions globally. We capture every event indicative of change including speeches, guidance and consultations.

Through automation, we gather, analyse and evaluate upcoming regulatory and legislative changes, so you don’t have to. Research has never been so easy. Quickly understand the potential impact and act.

Highly customisable with global filters, alerts and a real time feed of regulatory content, stay ahead and meet new obligations and opportunities with confidence.


If you are a provider of e-money, issuing, acquiring, or processing products or services, jurisdictional requirements are a heavy lift.

Our Requirements tool captures and presents high level information on the regulatory requirements in a jurisdiction at a glance.

Set up monitoring watchlists as needed. The country reports menu filters by jurisdiction, product and service, licence name and requirement categories, along with sub filters.

Explore opportunities in new markets by seeing a full picture of licensing obligations to expedite your strategic planning processes.

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What our clients say

"Vixio Regulatory Compliance offers excellent legal and regulatory analysis and provides us with a trustworthy, organised and credible single source solution, which keeps us ahead of the game."


"Vixio GamblingCompliance is an invaluable source of regulatory information, making it an excellent tool for the gambling industry. The quality of analysis is unmatched and the ease of use searching for topics, regions and themes makes it very simple to identify relevant stories."

Morgan Stanley

Senior Researcher

"Vixio GamblingCompliance is crucial to keeping a finger on the pulse of gambling regulation. Accessing a single, credible source of information and news helps us efficiently evolve our systems to align with regulatory developments."

PayPal UK

Head of Risk Management

"Hands down one of the most unique full suite sources of this subject matter anywhere."

UnionPay International

Managing Counsel

"The ever-increasing change coming from various regulators in different territories makes Vixio Regulatory Intelligence a must for a compliance team at a business like ours."


Head of Legal & Compliance

"Using Vixio PaymentsCompliance gives us a comprehensive view of the critical changes in regulation in our key markets, and reduces our business resource requirement which saves us on average £100k per annum, we wouldn't be without it!"

Well known e-money company

Regulatory Compliance Team Lead

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