European Online Gambling Outlook 2024

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Locally-licensed online gambling revenue across Europe, excluding lottery games and the monopoly systems of Norway and Finland, settled at around €30.4bn in 2023 versus an estimated €27.8bn in 2022 and €25.5bn in 2021. This total is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 7.7 percent to reach €40.8bn in 2027.

Inside the European Online Gambling Outlook report, you'll get high-level intelligence and forecasts for the European online gambling market, including a European gambling advertising map and a spotlight on the UK, as it wrestles with the new normal of major grey markets moving into regulation and continued compliance pressure seen across the continent.

This report is part of Vixio GamblingCompliance’s Outlook series, which provides subscribers with forward-looking insights, data analysis and consolidated research on key segments of the global gambling industry.

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