Equality Diversity &
Inclusion Statement

Working together for better futures

Collaboration is a key founding principle of our firm and we know that together we are stronger. Vixio is committed to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion in our team so that everyone can bring their full self to work, regardless of race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, social class, religion and belief.

Responsible employment

Vixio complies with the Equality Act 2010, fully embracing its obligations under it as an employer. 
We have policies and procedures in place, including employee training, to ensure equal job opportunities 
for all and prevent discrimination across every area of our organisation. Should anything fail to meet our high standards, we would ensure it is fully investigated 
and appropriate action taken.

Our principles

Our business is powered by our people and we want Vixio's team to truly live by the Act’s principles to create an equal, diverse and inclusive environment.


Collaboration is central to our culture here at Vixio. It embodies the spirit of teamwork, involving active participation and joint evolution, all while providing aid and backing to one another. As we pool our individual skills, insights, and expertise, we unite as a harmonious unit. Our collective diversity in experience and perspective further fortifies our collective strength.


As a company, our unwavering pursuit revolves around nurturing a workforce characterised by diversity. We passionately hold the conviction that such diversity infuses us with an expansive spectrum of skills and numerous advantages derived from the rich tapestry of our employees' varied journeys. Our leadership takes up the mantle of this philosophy, demonstrating the appropriate conduct to underscore our stance.


By focusing on a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce, we believe we can create not only a better working environment for our employees but also better serve our clients via diversity of thinking and innovation. As we grow, we plan to monitor and measure our efforts and regularly communicate our progress.

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