Why Truevo partners with Vixio

Keeping updated on payments regulatory changes

Founded in 2013, Truevo is a multinational fintech company focused on changing the payments industry across Europe. Its end-to-end payment solutions span card acquiring, payment gateway services, push payments, and both virtual and physical point of sale products. Its broad customer base includes retail and the travel industry with a strong representation in the payments and gambling sector. With its focus on the highly regulated European jurisdiction, the rapidly evolving laws and regulations mean remaining compliant is vital to its business operations. 

Truevo takes a progressive attitude to compliance, viewing it as critical to safeguarding the company’s future and promoting faster growth. Its compliance culture is evident in every corner of its business, from regulatory reporting and employee decision-making, to adherence to payment card scheme standards.

Information-gathering inefficiencies

With regulatory compliance at the heart of its business,  all Truevo’s  employees must operate within its compliance framework. This resulted in the Legal and Compliance teams having to manually research and scan a wide range of regulatory information every day - a labour intensive and time-consuming practice fraught with risk. Missing key information could jeopardise the business, risking reputational risk and potential financial penalties.

Partnering with Vixio

As its regulatory intelligence partner, Vixio solved Truevo’s information gathering issues by providing timely, reliable and accurate information and insight on both payments and gambling regulatory change in its core markets. Truevo’s Legal and Compliance teams are able to consolidate this information, sourcing it from a single point of access for the factual regulatory intelligence it needs across multiple jurisdictions, no longer having to manually source the latest information internally. 

This global solution can easily be scaled as Truevo’s business expands to new territories, providing a simple and efficient method of staying on top of global regulatory changes. Its compliance and Legal teams are now able to focus on longer term strategic objectives while still being able to react quickly to the changing regulatory landscape as required.




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“The ever-increasing change coming from various regulators in different territories makes VIXIO Regulatory Intelligence a must for a compliance team at a business like ours.”

Dr Rachel Gauci

Head of Legal & Compliance

“The content on these platforms is timely and concise. The tools are easy to use and allow us to customize alerts. They also mean we can spread the workload across the team. Overall, it’s a great experience.”

Jean Borg

Chief Risk Officer

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