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Leading industry and jurisdiction analysis for compliance

KPMG is a global business providing audit, tax and advisory services to companies in 147 countries, helping them mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities. Whilst each KPMG firm is its own legal entity, in keeping with local laws for independence, each still operates with a shared set of values and integrity standards to achieve optimal outcomes for its clients. 

KPMG Malta is one such example whose client portfolio includes gaming industry businesses needing to comply with relevant regulations. In line with its own high integrity standards, KPMG Malta needs to ensure it is seeing the complete picture of both operators and their relevant regulatory landscapes before onboarding clients and providing advice. 

Complexity across diverse territories

With numerous territories and regimes needing to be understood to best serve its clients, KPMG Malta had been using several platforms to manage information flow. As gambling commissions evolved and the industry grew more complex, it was becoming increasingly challenging to be confident that it had all the relevant information required in a timely fashion to conduct its business with integrity. 

Partnering with Vixio

KPMG Malta partnered with Vixio to access the up-to-date information and invaluable insights needed to gain a full and accurate picture of every decision-making situation, regardless of jurisdiction – all from a single source. Vixio provided the deep intelligence KPMG Malta required for both its client onboarding decisions and in its advisory capacity to the gambling industry. Fully informed with the entire picture of the complexities of compliance in specific jurisdictions as well as information needed for onboarding new clients, KPMG Malta can remain autonomous in its business operations whilst being confident that it is adhering to KMPG International’s required processes.




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“I find that VIXIO is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information.”

Russell Mifsud

Director, Gaming

“I find the majority of the information we need in one place through VIXIO”

Russell Mifsud

Director, Gaming

“I recommend VIXIO to our clients, prospective clients, new market entrants and the KPMG network. I trust what VIXIO says – they prove themselves time and time again with their in-depth, timely intelligence."

Director, Gaming

Russell Mifsud

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