OpenBet’s commitment to compliance

Leading content, platform and service provider to the sports betting industry, OpenBet, which was acquired by Endeavor in 2022 and has licences in 44 jurisdictions globally, is embarking upon a new chapter of growth in both North American and international markets.

The company’s commitment to compliance requires it to respond quickly to upcoming regulatory changes, verify the suitability of its global clients, and implement global best practices around responsible gaming, sports integrity and data security - which is why it partners with Vixio.

How does OpenBet use Vixio?

We sat down with Jess Feil, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, OpenBet to chat about how we work together.

OpenBet’s compliance and business development executives use Vixio’s industry leading platform to conduct research on new opportunities in established and emerging global markets, instantly compare policy and regulatory requirements in U.S. states and international jurisdictions, as well as support the company’s policy engagement and advocacy efforts.

Understanding the nuances

Sports betting platforms like OpenBet need to meet the needs of both their customers and regulators - and regulators work differently market to market. OpenBet uses Vixio to help it understand the nuances between the different markets, and ultimately provide as smooth a launch as possible when entering a new market, transitioning or introducing a new service, via the Country Reports and data sets available on the PaymentsCompliance platform.

Managing multi-jurisdictional change

OpenBet is currently active in dozens of markets worldwide on three different continents and constantly exploring new opportunities in new countries and continents, and the rules, laws, and regulations for each are constantly changing - and fast. Vixio supports the team at OpenBet in keeping up to date with the developments in the markets it’s already active, so they can understand whether it needs to address changes, make adjustments, or get an understanding of new laws and regulations, all reducing risk.

Saving time

The commercial team at OpenBet in particular use Vixio when they’re looking at entering a new market with a new customer. The team has to look at a large amount of data points to really understand the market - a huge task. Recognising it’s not feasible for the team to do its own independent study on every single country that OpenBet considers entering quickly enough, they use Vixio as a much needed source of information when analysing market opportunities, saving them time and freeing them up to focus on other value adding activity.

In addition, OpenBet is constantly making use of the range of reports and news analysis to understand what regulators are thinking and doing worldwide and track change and trends globally - always staying ahead of the game.


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OpenBet is a subsidiary of global sports and entertainment company Endeavor. With 1,300+ talented employees across 13 locations worldwide, OpenBet operate across Europe, North America, South America and Asia.


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Vixio is essential to our compliance operations at OpenBet. We use that service daily to understand the breaking news of the day, the changes in the markets we're in, and analyse opportunities that we're evaluating. It really is a one-stop shop for analysis of compliance and regulatory needs.

Jess Feil

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

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