Inside Vixio and PwC’s 10+ year partnership

Reliable insights across international gambling markets

PwC provides industry-focused services for public and private clients across a diverse range of sectors – from Financial Services and Healthcare to Technology and Gaming. Its Global Gaming Centre of Excellence (GGCE) in London is the centre of its betting and gaming network. This links to all PwC international multi-vertical and multi-territory expertise with local expertise residing in individual territories. The London team alone is comprised of individuals with over 75 years of experience in betting and gaming between them and are leaders in this field.

Maintaining access and data consistency

GGCE analyses global gaming markets both for internal and external clients. Although every project is different, the source and input information needs to be consistent. The team, which consists of over 100 experienced staff, use the Vixio platform to keep updated with the latest regulatory changes and news in the gambling markets, as well as being able to self-service regulatory intelligence to perform their due diligence on individual markets for specific projects. Within a geographically disparate global team, consistent and reliable information is vital. 

Vixio – a single, independent trusted source 

PwC’s partnership of over a decade with Vixio has provided it with invaluable and reliable intelligence that allows it to support its clients in responding to emerging market challenges or exploring new business opportunities. Vixio’s analysts and technology tools provides input for framing situations in the context of each market, to see what is changing, the impact of new regulations on business functions and which markets may be opening up or which could experience “headwinds”.




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“We have worked with hundreds of clients across the most regulated jurisdictions globally. So, we value the fact that Vixio is up-to-date and we can easily see what has changed since the last time we reviewed each market.”

Josh Brown

Senior Manager, PwC Strategy

“Vixio's depth and breadth of data often helps us set the scene, lay out where we are right now and what the future might hold. Specifically, how regulation affects our market modelling on client opportunities for growth.”

Josh Brown

Senior Manager, PwC Strategy

“The platform has a wide range of data, across a huge number of verticals, channels and jurisdictions. For every project, we use the platform slightly differently. Alongside the dedicated focus on regulatory trends and reliable data, this flexibility is particularly useful when working for clients who operate in different markets across the globe and focus on different parts of the gaming ecosystem.”

Josh Brown

Senior Manager, PwC Strategy

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