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Keeping updated on the global gambling industry

Better Collective is a NASDAQ-listed global sports-betting media group, headquartered in Copenhagen with 18 offices and over 900 employees.  With its innovative approach, Better Collective operates online platforms focused on providing a positive experience for the sports and betting communities and empowering iGamers to make well-informed decisions to optimise their entertainment experience. 

Compliance and social responsibility are key foundations of Better Collective’s business, in line with its vision of making betting and gambling entertaining, transparent and fair. Compliance with the principle and not just the letter of the law is a priority. Better Collective’s Compliance Partner Operations and Commercial Intelligence teams monitor global trends and developments with clear internal communication processes to ensure all relevant stakeholders are up to date with legal frameworks and market best practices. 

Managing multi-jurisdictional changes

Operating across numerous jurisdictions in a constantly evolving industry is extremely challenging with the quantity and frequency of updates and changes. Keeping Better Collective’s teams up to date on the latest developments is both a drain on resources and can introduce unnecessary additional risk.  

Partnering with Vixio

By partnering with Vixio, Better Collective has found the support it needs for its Commercial Intelligence team. The accurate intelligence and insights provided by Vixio assist monitoring of the size and development of gambling verticals worldwide and their main actors, along with relevant regulatory developments. The efficiencies gained free up client resources allowing more time for analysis and strategic and operational decisions.

When exploring new markets, Better Collective makes particular use of Vixio’s country reports to gain a general overview of the target market’s regulatory framework with its Commercial Intelligence team using Vixio’s various services to evaluate potential new markets.




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“The VIXIO business intelligence is a great support for our Commercial Intelligence team. The service helps us to monitor the size and development of gambling verticals worldwide and the main actors, as well as the regulatory developments.”

Linda Mullan

Director – Group Legal & Compliance

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