Meet Vixio’s New PaymentsCompliance Executive Advisory Board

Kat PIlkington


November 30, 2023

In November, we held our first meeting with our newly formed PaymentsCompliance Executive Advisory Board. We established the Board to gain expert insight from a cohort of customers across the tech and compliance ecosystem, to inform our product development and address challenges shaping the payments industry.

Chaired by Roseanne Spagnuolo, Vixio’s Chief Product Officer, the Board is composed of 10 senior executives and advisors from different segments of the industry, providing diverse perspectives on the market intelligence needs of legal and compliance professionals, strategic and corporate development leaders, and regulatory or government affairs executives.

“Forming this Advisory Board is a testament to Vixio’s commitment to supporting compliance executives in the Payments industry to navigate and make sense of complex regulations, all while staying on the right side of the law. It's also a testament of the commitment of these compliance leaders to make regulatory compliance a priority across the sector by giving their time and sharing insights to shape our product strategy.”

= Roseanne Spagnuolo, Chief Content Officer, Vixio

Who are the founding board members?

The board comprises clients that span the payments ecosystem and value chain:

Jana Breitkopf, Managing Director, Mercedes pay USA

Georg von Brevern, SVP Compliance and Regulatory Global, SumUp

Amy Bobrow, Global Regulatory Compliance and Operations, Mastercard

Sylvie Calsacy, Global Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs, Worldline

Nikki Eagers, VP, International Payments Risk and Compliance, Elavon / US Bank

Ronnette Grant, Global Chief Compliance Officer, Google

Charles Grech, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Truevo

Ori Kissos, Director of Global Regulatory Compliance and MLRO, Tipalti

Johanna Vikström, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Trustly

Alison Wheatley, Global Head of Risk and Compliance, Thredd

Why do we need a PaymentsCompliance Executive Advisory Board? 

The board will provide valuable, early insight and reaction to Vixio’s strategic direction, our latest product innovations and the challenges and trends that are shaping our industry. 

The purpose is to: 

  • Serve as an early warning into shifts in industry trends, including emerging opportunities, as well as customers’ current and future business goals.
  • Validate VIXIO’s content agenda to ensure its alignment with industry priorities.
  • Develop a forum for idea generation and discussion of future innovation in  technology, regulation and information services.
  • Serve as a sounding board for new product development and beta testing, and  validate VIXIO’s product roadmap. 
“Vixio has earned a reputation over 15 years for the strength of our content and value of our services. The formation of the Payments Executive Advisory Board will enable Vixio to receive unique input from industry experts to help us develop cutting-edge products and content, to support global compliance teamsat a time of increasingly complex regulatory change.” 

- Mike Woolfrey, CEO, Vixio

We're honoured and excited to be working with these compliance leaders, and are looking forward to seeing what 2024 holds for Vixio PaymentsCompliance.

Discover more about the members on our People page.

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