LatAm Comparative Tools: Advertising and Responsible Gambling in the Spotlight

Matt Ashton


June 19, 2024

Vixio has launched two new tools that provides organisations with a clear and concise picture of current responsible gambling and advertising measures for online gambling across Latin America in a simple, easy to read, format.

As Latin America’s gambling regulatory landscape evolves, Vixio will be monitoring the region’s varying approaches to responsible gaming and advertising, which are already fairly divergent. 

Vixio’s Advertising Comparative Overview Tool and Responsible Gambling Overview Tool cover mandatory gambling advertising and responsible gambling requirements applicable to online gambling in nine key Latin American jurisdictions. Customers can easily scan and compare requirements, as well as access the direct link for all requirements and the relevant legal citation, via a comprehensive table format. 

Above: Vixio's new Latin American version of the Responsible Gambling Overview tool

The tables currently cover nine key jurisdictions within the Latin America and Caribbean regions:

  • Argentina: Buenos Aires City
  • Argentina: Buenos Aires Province
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico

The tables show a stark contrast in regulatory restrictiveness across both responsible gambling and advertising. For example, more mature markets such as Argentina and Colombia have seen a tightening of restrictions in responsible gambling and advertising. Conversely, in Brazil and Peru, regulations are still taking shape and operators are not yet subject to the same volume of advertising and responsible gambling restrictions.

Above: Vixio's new Latin American version of the Advertising Comparative Overview Tool

Vixio customers with access to the LatAm and Caribbean region are able to access these tools and see the exact references to the regulations or laws. If you're a Vixio customer, log in now and start exploring the Advertising Comparative Overview Tool (Latin America) and Responsible Gambling Overview (Latin America).

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